Whether you're intentionally purchasing items to fill the fridge, or you have excess groceries that you'd like to share, we appreciate you thinking of The Fridge! Please review the Guidelines tab for a list of acceptable and not acceptable donation items.

If you are a local business that has access to fresh foods, such as a restaurant, cafeteria, grocery store, or convenience store, and are willing to partner to reduce food waste and feed neighbors, please contact us at thefridge@joannespark.org


Our entire program is 100% volunteer based and we are always looking for more people to join us! If you are interested, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form below! 

If your business/organization is looking for ways to volunteer as a group, consider hosting the fridge for a week! 


We accept financial donations as well! Dollars received help us maintain, clean, and stock the fridge. To make a financial donation, please visit our Open Collective site by clicking the button below.

Fridge Maintenance Checklist

Ensure your hands are clean
Review donation guidelines prior to donating
Remove expired, unsealed, and any other items that do not meet the donation guidelines from the fridge
Clean fridge including interior and exterior surfaces (don't forget handles!)
Check fridge temps
Place new donations near back of fridge
Snap a photo of the fridge - this helps us keep track of any food that has been sitting in the fridge
Alert us if the fridge needs cleaning, maintenance, or if the fridge temps are above 41°
Send fridge photos and concerns by e-mailing us at thefridge@joannespark.org, calling/texting (920) 315-0008, or sending us a message on Facebook/Instagram @thefridge.gb
Walk the area around The Fridge and pick up trash
Discard all trash off-site

Thank you to these companies for hosting The Fridge!

We would love to see your company added to this list! To host The Fridge, e-mail thefridge@joannespark.org.